Dried Marine Shrimp

Neendakara Karikadi (Parapenaeospis stylifera) is a premium quality sweet flavoured marine shrimp from the coast of Neendakara in Kollam.


Dried Pink Shrimp

Ashtamudi Thelli (Metapenaeus Dobsoni) or Pink Shrimp is a delicious variety from Ashtamudi backwaters with distinctive colour and taste.


Dried Anchovy

Malabar Dried Anchovy (White Bait) is a Calcium rich fish with less fat content from Kerala Coast.


Dried Silver Belly

Launching soon

Dried silver belly. Hygenically processed in U.V. protected solar cabinet drier, Vizhinjam Kaaral (Leiognathus species) is a calcium rich fish with bright silver colour.


Dried Sole

Launching soon

Munambam Manthal (Cynoglossus species), hygenically processed in U.V. protected solar cabinet drier,is rich in sodium and is prized for its mild, delicate flavour.

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